Wellness area

Hand massage with moisturising mask

The massage helps maintain supple and fl exible joints. It soothes tired hands, and promotes general relaxation. The mask removes skin dryness, moisturises and tones.

30 min. 50 zł

Hand care

The treatment is carried out on the basis of natural moisturising and regenerating cosmetics designed for professional care for rough, fl abby skin of the hands and damaged nails. It intensively regenerates and nourishes the skin of your hands and nails. The treatment includes hand relaxing bath with essential oils, exfoliation, hand massage and moisturising mask. 

45 min. 75 zł


Course of the treatment: giving shape to the nails with nail fi le, applying the skin softening preparation, hand bath, removing the skin, applying a nourishing base, nail painting and covering with hardener, application of accelerating drying preparation.
Duration: 40 minutes (without painting) Price: PLN 50
Duration: 50 minutes (with painting) Price: PLN 70
The offer is enriched with nourishing treatment with paraffin, which also refreshes hands and nails.

40 min. 50 zł

Foot massage

Therapeutic massage, during which specifi c zones are stimulated, corresponding to different organs and systems of the body. It strengthens muscles, reduces existing contractures, and stimulates blood circulation. 

20 min. 50 zł

Foot care

Caring and relaxing treatment based on preparations containing a rich blend of active ingredients: urea, salicylic acid, green tea extract and lemon. The treatment includes relaxation foot bath with essential oils, relaxing exfoliation, foot massage and moisturising mask.

45 min. 85 zł


Course of the treatment: relaxing foot bath, nail shortening, removal of lifeless cuticle around the nail and cuticle on the feet with a nail fi le drill, application of a cream selected to suit the needs of your feet, degreasing and painting of nails. 

60 min. 80 zł

Pedicure & painting of nails

70 min. 100 zł

Pedicure de Lux Spa & foot massage

90 min. 120 zł

Nourishing and regenerating treatment for the hands

Treatment for the care of dry, rough, damaged hands with stains. The treatment includes: exfoliation, rejuvenating and tightening serum, paraffi n-apricot mask, and cream. The effects of the treatment: a delicate, velvety skin of hands with long-lasting moisturising and strengthened resistance to external factors.

45 min. 80 zł

Japanese manicure

50 min. 70 zł

Removal of corns and calluses with a chisel and a scalpel

Therapeutic pedicure treatment involves the removal of calluses and corns with a chisel and a scalpel, and allows you to instantly get rid of ailments. 

10 min. 20 zł