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  • Regulations MAXIMUS SPA

    1. General goal
    The main goal of MAXIMUS SPA is to provide the Guests with adequate leisure / rest conditions.

    2. Reservation rules (declaration of stay)
    - Declaration of stay at MAXIMUS SPA regardless of its kind is connected with the necessity to make a reservation and to pay an advance payment within specified deadline and amount.
    - Reservation can be made either by phone, personally at the seat of MAXIMUS SPA, ul. Morska 20 street in Dziwnówek, Poland or by using the reservation module on our website.
    - The reservation is deemed valid after its oral or written acceptance and confirmation by an employee of MAXIMUS SPA.
    - Making a binding reservation is equal to acceptance and approval of the general rules of reservation and stay at MAXIMUS SPA.

    3. Advance payment rules
    - After making a reservation, the Guest must pay an advance payment in the amount of 30% of the value of services to be provided within the period specified in the reservation confirmation.
    - The remaining amount due resulting from the ordered services should be settled by the Guest on the day of arrival to MAXIMUS SPA in cash or by a credit card at the reception desk or by means of a bank transfer to the bank account (in this case the payment is confirmed by showing the payment receipt).
    - MAXIMUS SPA reserves the right to terminate an agreement with such Guest whose payments specified under paragraphs 3.1 and 3.2 have not been paid within the specified deadline.

    4. Payment Terms and Conditions
    - Any payments for services provided by MAXIMUS SPA should be made at the seat or to be paid to the indicated bank account.
    - Prices of services for the guests are contractual prices and include tax on goods and services.
    - The Guest is obliged to pay a local health resort tax for every day of stay, in the amount determined by the Municipal Council of Dziwnów.

    5. Rules for cancellation of stay and return of advance payment
    - The Guest shall have the right to cancel his / her stay, with the reservation that depending on the time of declaration of cancellation, he / she can lose the advance payment that is deducted for the benefit of MAXIMUS SPA in order to compensate the borne costs. The amount of the advance payment loss is specified by the rules below:
    - Cancellation of stay – if it is to be connected with return of the advance payment – must be made in writing.
    - Regardless of the date of cancellation of the ordered stay, a handling charge shall be deducted for the benefit of MAXIMUS SPA in any case of return of the paid advance payment due to the handling of declaration, in the amount of PLN 50.00 (fifty Polish zlotys) for every declared reservation.
    - In case of declaration of cancellation within 31 days before commencement of stay at MAXIMUS SPA, the paid advance payment shall be returned with deduction of the handling charges as mentioned under 5.3.
    - In case of cancellation of the declared stay between the 30th and the 20th day before commencement of stay, 50% of the paid advance payment shall be returned, with deduction of the handling charges as mentioned under 5.3.
    - In case of cancellation of the declared stay within 19 days before commencement of stay, the paid advance payment shall not be returned.
    - In case of cancellation of stay at the time of its duration, 50% of the unused amount shall be returned.
    - Making a reservation and payment of the advance payment (s) shall mean approval of the conditions presented above.

    6. Rules for keeping the reservation
    - In case the Guest does not call at the reception of MAXIMUS SPA on the day of commencement of stay (i.e. on the day, for which the reservation was made), the reservation confirmed by advance payment shall be kept until the commencement of the next day. Reservation made without payment shall be removed from the system at 7.00 a.m. the next day.

    7. Rules for granting discount cards
    - Every Guest who spends three stays at MAXIMUS SPA minimum, the total sum of which exceeds 21 days shall have the right to be granted a “silver card of regular customer” entitling to 5% discount on the stay prices (overnight accommodation and meals).
    - Every Guest holding the “silver card of regular customer”, who after its receipt spends at least 4 stays at MAXIMUS SPA, the total sum of which is equal or greater than 28 days shall have the right to replace the “silver card of regular customer” into the “gold card of regular customer” entitling to 10% discount on the stay prices.
    - The regular customer cards are granted automatically during the stay following the stay that qualifies for granting a card. Such stay will be also covered by the discount provided for.

    8. Guest’s rights and obligations
    - The Guest shall have the right to use services offered by MAXIMUS SPA according to the offer.
    - The Guest shall have the right to make any remarks and suggestions to the MAXIMUS SPA reception concerning the stay as well as to receive any necessary assistance and care.
    - The Guest must observe the day specified by MAXIMUS SPA that lasts: during the summer season (20.06 – 01.09) from 4.00 p.m. to 11.00 a.m., and off the summer season (01.09-20.06) from 2.00 p.m. to 10.00 a.m.
    - The Guest must comply with the fire safety regulations and the order regulations on the premises of MAXIMUS SPA.
    - As from the moment of commencement of stay, the Guest shall be obliged to comply with the prescriptions of the representatives of MAXIMUS SPA that shall enable effecting of the stay.
    - In case Guests who grossly and persistently contravene the established order or who do that in a way jeopardising the health and the life of other Guests, MAXIMUS SPA shall have the right to immediately terminate the Agreement with such Guest who does not follow the order regulations and to charge such Guest for losses arisen due to his / her fault.
    - The Guest staying in the complex shall be responsible for the equipment forming the room equipment. In case of its damaging, the Guest shall bear the financial responsibility.
    - The Guest must return the key-card for the room, given at check-in. In case the card is lost, the Guest shall have to pay the charge of PLN 50.00 (fifty Polish zlotys).
    - The Guest must show the card confirming his / her stay while using the dining room.
    - The Guest must report to the reception all the visiting persons who are not the Guests of MAXIMUS SPA. The visitors should leave their ID’s in the reception of MAXIMUS SPA and leave the complex before 10.00 p.m.
    - The Guest must call at the reception of the complex on the day of end of stay in order to complete all the formalities related to check-out (i.e. taking-over of room, return of the key-card).

    9. Responsibility
    - MAXIMUS SPA shall not be held responsible for faults or failure to execute such services that were offered by subcontractors (e.g. optional events, trips, hired cars).
    - MAXIMUS SPA reserves the right not to return the value of unused services, partly or fully, due to the reasons being on the Guest’s side.
    - MAXIMUS SPA shall be responsible solely for valuable items belonging to the Guests that have been put in the safe deposit.
    - MAXIMUS SPA reserves the right to cancel the reservation at any time before its commencement due to random incidents not dependent on MAXIMUS SPA. MAXIMUS SPA shall be then obliged to propose an alternative offer or to return the paid amount due.

    10. Claims
    - Remarks and claims related to the accommodation, meals and other services provided by MAXIMUS SPA are to be reported to the representative of MAXIMUS SPA, possibly immediately after finding the basis for their notification. The representative of MAXIMUS SPA shall be obliged to investigate the legitimacy of the notification.
    - Possible claims cannot influence the period of stay and the payment amount.
    - Claims shall be considered and settled on individual basis; the Guest shall be informed about the method of the case settlement.
    - Claims towards MAXIMUS SPA shall fall under the statute of limitations after 6 months as from the day of end of stay.

    11. Other remarks
    - Valuable items, securities and items of scientific and art value are to be put in the safe deposit in the reception.
    - Cleaning of rooms takes place every day from Monday to Saturday.
    - According to the commonly accepted rules, between 10.00 p.m. and 7.00 a.m. there are quiet hours in force on the premises of MAXIMUS SPA, apart from the events organised by MAXIMUS SPA.
    - In case of finding persons spending the night in the Guest’s room, who have not been paid for respectively, MAXIMUS SPA may apply a contractual fine in the amount of 200% of the charge being in accordance with the current price list.
    - Use of devices posing danger to the health and the life of Guests is absolutely forbidden in the MAXIMUS SPA rooms.
    - Smoking in the MAXIMUS SPA rooms is absolutely forbidden. Smoking is allowed only in places specially designed for such purpose.
    - Animals are not allowed in the MAXIMUS SPA complex.

    These Regulations constitute an integral part of agreements for provision of services provided by MAXIMUS SPA and they are made available to the Guests through the Internet on the website of and on the notice board put in the reception of MAXIMUS SPA and they shall be given to any Guest on request.