Wellness area

Facial massage

Restores youth to the skin, shapes the face oval, gentle movements bring relaxation and support penetration of the active ingredients of the vitamin cream into the skin.

20 min. 50 zł

Anti Age facial massage

Anti-wrinkle massage of draining, lifting and modelling action.

40 min. 105 zł

Lifting and draining massage

50 min. 150 zł

Facial massage with cold balls

Treatment that accelerates the distribution of liquids in the body and elimination of toxins by stimulating the lymphatic system. The massage balls are filled with liquid that cool the skin, thus supporting the drainage.

20 min. 50 zł

60 min. 155 zł

Treatment with cream mask

A gentle facial massage and cream mask individually tailored to the needs of the skin (calming, moisturising, anti-wrinkle).

40 min. 90 zł

Moisturising and oxygenating treatment

With highly concentrated serum, recommended for dehydrated skin, with lack of oxygen, without radiance.

60 min. 150 zł

Calming treatment

Recommended for sensitive skin, with vascular problems, for allergic skin or skin with rosacea. Carried out on the basis of delicate preparations, it relaxes, strengthens the capillaries and moisturises the irritated skin.

60 min. 150 zł

Anti-aging treatment

Carried out with the professional line of cosmetics for mature skin. It restores skin fi rmness, moisturises, improves colours, stimulates cell regeneration and reduces the signs of aging.

60 min. 165 zł

Diamond lifting treatment for the eye area

Suitable for dry, fl abby skin under the eyes prone to oedema. It improves the tone and moisturises the skin around the eyes, reduces dark circles, puffiness and visibly reduces wrinkles.

40 min. 80 zł

Diamond Microdermabrasion

It is a safe alternative to chemical peeling treatments. Mechanical peeling with diamond heads allows the controlled abrasion of the stratum corneum. This eliminates defects of the skin, stimulates collagen synthesis, rejuvenates the skin giving it a healthy look. The result: shallow scars, reduced discoloration, cleaning of the skin, improving of the skin tone, smoothing out of stretch marks.

60 min. 180 zł

Lifting and firming treatment

90 min. 230 zł

Nano-mask treatment

60 min. 165 zł

Ice relief under the eyes

60 min. 165 zł

60 min. 155 zł

Treatment with 40% almond acid and vitamin C

40 min. 150 zł

Cavitation peeling

Painless method of cleansing the skin. Provides an excellent alternative to manual cleansing. The result: fast and safe cleansing, smoothing the surface of the skin, rejuvenation and regeneration of the skin.

15 min. 50 zł

Manual face cleansing

Effective method of cleansing the face skin dedicated mainly to oily and impure skin. The treatment is based on a specialised line of cosmetics and a suitable equipment.

60 min. 150 zł

Eyelash lifting

60 min. 90 zł

Eyebrow henna and shaping

Proper matching of the shape of the eyebrows in combination with a deeper colour guarantees more vivid, yet natural-looking face.

30 min. 40 zł