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Wellness area

Rehabilitation treatments

Nemec currents (interdyn)

Action: analgesic, stimulation of the contraction of skeletal muscles, dilation of blood vessels, reduction of sympathetic nerve tension.

15 min. 20 zł

Diadynamic currents (DDM)

Action: analgesic, reduction of muscle tension, blood supply increase. 

15 min. 20 zł


Action: analgesic after peripheral nerve injury and for phantom pains.

15 min. 20 zł


Application of direct current. Action: blood supply increase, reduction of oedema, muscle tension, pain. 

15 min. 25 zł


Local administering of medicines with use of direct current.

15 min. 20 zł

Ultrasounds (UD)

Action: analgesic, inhibition of infl ammatory processes, triggering of histamine-like substances, reduction of muscle tension, increased absorption by tissues. 

6 min. 20 zł


6 min. 20 zł


Action: stimulation of callus formation, increased absorption of hematoma and oedema, analgesic, agitation of processes of cellular respiration.

15 min. 20 zł

Laser therapy

Supply of energy in the form of light to the selected location in the body that change processes in the tissues without damaging them. Action: analgesic, anti-infl ammatory, anti-swelling, circulation improvement, nutrition, stimulation of the growth of nerve cells, collagen fi bres.

3 min. 20 zł


Cooling of the affected place to induce and use the physiological response of the body to the cold. Action: analgesic, anti-swelling, stimulating the metabolism and elimination of its harmful products.  

3 min. 20 zł

Sollux lamp

Infrared light penetrating deep into tissue. Action: deep superheating, activation of blood supply processes in the tissue, stimulation of metabolic processes, analgesic. 

15 min. 20 zł

Fango wraps

A mixture of volcanic ash and paraffin at the temperature of 55° C. Action: fast and long-lasting warming of muscles to reduce their tension, removal of harmful and toxic products of metabolism.

20 min. 30 zł


5 min. 70 zł

50 zł

Peloid wraps

They dilate blood vessels to improve blood circulation in the bodywarm and relax muscles and joints by reducing the sensation of pain. The peloid treatment is used to treat: - rheumatic and arthritic pain, - musculoskeletal diseases, pains and swelling after contusions, fractures, sprains, orthopaedic surgery, - skin diseases, - diseases of the spine, - gynaecological diseases, - infl ammation of nerve roots (radiculitis), - vascular diseases, cardiovascular diseases, chronic lower limb ischemia

20 min. 30 zł

Whirlpool massage of the lower limbs

Healing, gentle water massage of the lower limbs. Action: blood supply increase to the limbs, reduction of swelling, reduction of venous stasis, analgesic.

10 min. 25 zł

Whirlpool massage of the upper limbs

Healing, gentle water massage of the lower limbs. Action: blood supply increase to the limbs, reduction of swelling, reduction of venous stasis, analgesic.

10 min. 25 zł


Spine massage carried out by means of a vibrating membrane.

15 min. 60 zł

Partial classical massage

45 min. 40 zł

Full classical massage

80 zł

Saline inhalation

20 min. 30 zł


20 min. 60 zł