Wellness area

Optimal cleansing

The treatment deeply cleanses and smoothes the skin and prevents excessive secretion of sebum. In combination with a gentle, modelling facial massage, the skin becomes radiant and the mind relaxed.

60 min. 140 zł

Intensive moisturising treatment

Recommended for dry skin, prone to irritation, exposed to the negative impact of air conditioning, cigarette smoke, sun and wind. The treatment allows you to quickly regenerate the skin, which becomes elastic, smooth and moisturised, the feeling of dryness disappears, wrinkles become less apparent, and the skin tone gets improved. 

60 min. 140 zł

Relaxing ritual

The treatment includes: wet body exfoliation, relaxation massage carried out with cream, massaging of ”light feet, light feet” gel. After the treatment, the body is relaxed and your skin soft, delicate and radiant.

50 min. 160 zł

Nourishing and regenerating treatment for the hands

Treatment for the care of dry, rough, damaged hands with stains. The treatment includes: exfoliation, rejuvenating and tightening serum, paraffi n-apricot mask, and cream. The effects of the treatment: a delicate, velvety skin of hands with long-lasting moisturising and strengthened resistance to external factors.

45 min. 80 zł