Wellness area

Hand care

The treatment is carried out on the basis of natural moisturising and regenerating cosmetics designed for professional care for rough, fl abby skin of the hands and damaged nails. It intensively regenerates and nourishes the skin of your hands and nails. The treatment includes hand relaxing bath with essential oils, exfoliation, hand massage and moisturising mask.

45 min. 75 zł

Foot massage

Therapeutic massage, during which specifi c zones are stimulated, corresponding to different organs and systems of the body. It strengthens muscles, reduces existing contractures, and stimulates blood circulation. 

20 min. 50 zł

Foot care

Caring and relaxing treatment based on preparations containing a rich blend of active ingredients: urea, salicylic acid, green tea extract and lemon. The treatment includes relaxation foot bath with essential oils, relaxing exfoliation, foot massage and moisturising mask.

45 min. 85 zł

Cream mask facial treatment

40 min. 90 zł

Individual water gymnastics

30 min. 40 zł

Relaxing massage

Massage aiming at removal of muscle-nervous tension and reaching full relaxation and stress relief. This is done in a gentle, quiet, and rhythmic manner. The effect of the massage is increased by the use of essential oils.

30 min. 80 zł

Hopi candles

Gentle removal of ear wax by the pressure resulting from the burning of the candle. A sedative effect in cases of stress or irritability. 

30 min. 45 zł