Wellness area

Boa Max lymphatic drainage

The treatment carried out with the camera for sequential compression massage. The device works with 15 different settings for the upper and lower limbs, e.g. sports massage, relaxation, lymphatic drainage.

45 min. 50 zł

Ultrasonic firming treatment

The treatment is carried out with a device, the heads of which generate high frequency vibrations and convert them into mechanical energy. Such vibrations cause a thermal effect that penetrates into the tissue thus accelerating the metabolic rate. Perfect for breaking the fat.

30 min. 80 zł

Body peeling

40 min. 120 zł

Chocolate magic relaxation treatment

It supplies the skin with an injection of energy, strengthens and relaxes it. Wonderful aroma of chocolate relaxes the mind and the body. Course of the treatment: full body sugar exfoliation, chocolate body mask, gentle massaging of chocolate lotion into the body.

70 min. 195 zł

Green Coffee slimming treatment

The treatment accelerates fat burning and reduces the signs of cellulite, improves fi rmness, elasticity and skin microcirculation, and also cleans it. Course of the treatment: body exfoliation, algae mask with green coffee and tea, gently rubbing of moisturising cream.

70 min. 195 zł

Detoxifying and firming treatment

It detoxifi es the body and stimulates its work.

70 min. 195 zł

Thermo-Spa relaxation session with water massage

15 min. 25 zł

Fleximatic firming massage

Vibrating massage of the body (thighs, buttocks, abdomen) with a device with various tips for relaxation, drainage, deep massage and stimulation of nerve endings.

45 min. 110 zł