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You are cordially welcome all year round to Maximus Spa complex in Dziwnówek, situated directly near the beach. Thanks to its location, Maxims SPA ensures silence, relaxation and an excellent leisure. Any time of the year, there are unlimited possibilities of resting and leisure combined with therapeutic, relaxation and rehabilitation treatments.
In the vicinity there are many cycling tracks, therefore Dziwnówek is an ideal stopover for those practicing cycling tourism. For the skiking lovers we recommend a new asphalt cycling track (about 10 km) from Dziwnówek to Kamień Pomorski.
Bearing in mind all our guests we would like to inform you that throughout the hotel as well as at the restaurant there is a strict non-smoking policy. For the smoking perssons, we offer at their disposal balconies and terraces at the restaurant.
Animals are not allowed in the MAXIMUS SPA complex.


We offer our Guests single, double, three, four and five bed  rooms and apartments. Each of them is equipped with complete sanitary facilities and a LCD TV, telephone. All the rooms have balconies.


In our kitchen, we prepare mostly Polish dishes. We use only natural products, mainly from the local suppliers.
We roast meat, make dumplings, pickle cucumbers and cook compotes ourselves. Every day, we bake delicious cakes. In addition to the traditional cheesecakes and apple pies we also offer seasonal cakes and pies.

From September to June, we serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, and in the summertime we serve breakfast and dinner, and at the noon we recommend a soup for the children.
Throughout the year, we invite you to our café / restaurant for homemade cakes, desserts, cocktails, drinks and lunch meat, fish and vegetarian dishes.

Occasional events

We specialise in occasional events: Weddings, First Communion receptions, Christening parties, Birthday and name-day parties, Any other events ordered by you.

Local attractions


Świnoujście (45km)

68 m high, with more than 300 spiral stairs is the highest lighthouse, not only of our coast, but also the highest in the Baltic region, and one of the highest in the world.

Old Prussian Forts (Gerhard, Angel and North Forts)
One of the best preserved nineteenth-century coastal forts in our part of Europe.

Border crossing with Germany for pedestrians, cars and bicycles
Ideal infrastructure favours especially such type of expeditions. You can visit the towns of Ahlbeck, Heringsdorf and Bansin.


Międzyzdroje (ok. 30km)

Avenue of Stars
Where artists imprint their hands. Every year the Festival of Stars also takes place here.

From where you can enjoy the panoramic view of the town and the coast of the Wolin National Park.

Museum of Wax Figures.


Wolin (ok. 30km)

Open-air Ethnographic Viking Museum
The cathedral and the museum allow travel back in time and meeting the interesting history of this land. Traditionally, in the early August, Wolin becomes the capital of the Vikings.


Woliński National Park

The Nature Reserve and Exemplary Bison Farm.

Turquoise Lake
Located in the village of Wapnica. The Lake was named so because of the turquoise colour, which results from the reflection of the light rays from the water containing calcium compounds from the former chalk mine existing in this place.

Gosań Hill
A hill located approximately 95 metres above sea level and the highest point of the Wolin cliff. Here you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Pomeranian Bay but also see the devastating force of the sea.


Dziwnów (ok. 3 km)

Walking and scenic promenade
It stretches on the peak of the dunes, for many kilometres along the beach.

Drawbridge on the Dziwna River
One of the few structures of this kind in Poland.

Passenger harbour
Located at the Kosciuszko Quay. In the summer season, regular cruises to the Baltic Sea, the Szczecin Lagoon and the town of Kamień Pomorski take place from here.

Martwa  Dziwna Lake
Old natural estuary of the Dziwna River – now a blind lake. Cycling and walking paths also go through this forest area.

Miniature Park
Which brings together all the Polish coast lighthouses in one place.


Town of Kamień Pomorski (approximately 7km)

Romanesque-Gothic Cathedral from the 12th century
Equipped with Baroque organ. In the summer, concerts of organ music are held here.

Old Town with the Town Hall and the Wolińska Tower
which houses the Museum of Stones.

Coasts of Kamień Pomorski with new marina built in 2012.


Wrzosowo (approximately 4km)

Park Dinozaurów z parkiem linowym i mini zoo


Trzęsacz (approximately 14km)

Ruins of the church from the turn of the 14th and 15th centuries.
The temple was built in the middle of the village approximately 2 km from the sea shore; today only a part of the south wall remained.


Niechorze (approximately 22km)

“Ciuchcia Retro” narrow gauge railway.
The train departs several times a day, starting from the long weekend in May till the end of September along the route of: Gryfice-Rybokarty-Karnice-Trzebiatów-Dreżewo-Trzęsacz-Niechorze-Pogorzelica.

Lighthouse standing on a high cliff coast.


Trzebiatów (approximately 30km)

Old Town and Market Square
with characteristic chessboard urban layout.

Palace complex built in the classical style in the 18th century.


Kołobrzeg (approximately 60km)

Located near the harbour, rising to the height of 26 metres.

Museum of Polish Arms
It has got a rich collection, exhibited in several places (including open air exhibitions).

The charming Old Town
With the Gothic St. Mary’s Basilica (from the 14th century) and the neo-Gothic Town Hall.


Active Leisure:

  • forest cycling track along the coast, marked in red,
  • asphalt bike path along the route Dziwnówek – Kamień Pomorski, also ideal for skaters (approximately 10 km),
  • Dziwnówek – Dziwnów bike path approximately 4 km long,
  • Canoe Marina and windsurfing school located in Dziwnowek ideal for anglers and water sports enthusiasts.

Maximus Spa ul. Morska 20, 72-420 Dziwnówek tel. 91 38 11 611

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